Reading: Revelation 3:14-22 (NIV)

God looked at the church in Laodicea and said that he knew their deeds.  The Christians in this church were neither hot nor cold.
God said that the church was wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.  

The church was wretched because it was not doing the will of God.  Maybe the Christians in that church were doing the worldly things that did not please God and tried to please God at the same time. Also, Christians in that church were contented because of whom they were and what they had but, they needed God’s help. The church had acquired wealth and everything they needed in life but they were poor spiritually. In addition, Christians in that church were blind because they could not realize they were not pleasing God-they were pleasing the world and at the same time trying to please God. As a result, the church did not have the clothe of God’s Glory because the Glory of God does not dwell where flesh and blood rules.

Lesson to us:
As Christians today, God is telling us that we should be either hot or cold. We should be on God’s side or Devil’s side but we cannot be in between-pleasing God sometimes and pleasing the devil other times.
Wretched-As Christians, we can be wretched by what is surrounding us and we need to be careful of what we do, where we go, and whom we associate with because what we feed our spirits can wretch us and prevent  us from doing the will of God.
Pitiful: We need God’s grace every day. We cannot do anything without Him.
Poor: Without Jesus, we are poor.  We can own everything in this world-money, good jobs, silver, gold, etc. but without Jesus, we will lose our souls and eternal life forever.
Blind: Without Jesus, the devil make us blind and we cannot see God’s goodness or realize the snares of Satan.
Naked: Without Jesus in our hearts, we are naked.  We are vulnerable to Satan’s attacks and defeats because we don’t have God’s protection.
What do we need to do?
  • We should turn to God fully.  We should live for God alone.
  • We should repent our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and savior
  • We should invite God in all what we do in this life so that we can live and do things according to His will not ours.

God bless you.