Reading: Acts 12:1-17 (NIV)

Prayer is a weapon for Christians.  Prayers help a Christian to defeat Satan and temptations.  When you read Acts 12:1-17, the bible talks about how King Herod was arresting Christians to persecute them.  James, brother to John was killed and Peter was put in prison.  Peter was put in prison without any fault. He was guarded by four squads of four soldiers to prevent him from escaping  from prison. The church prayed earnestly for Peter and the night before Peter was brought in trial, the angel of the Lord rescued him.  The doors of prison were opened, the soldiers did not hear when Peter left prison, and all the chains that bound Peter were broken and he was set free.


When we pray to God, He will deliver us from all troubles and temptations.  It does not matter which prison the devil has put us, the chains that are bounding us, or how many enemies are against us to destroy us, if we pray, God will hear our cry.

The church prayed for Peter and God heard their prayers.  If we pray for for ourselves, our families, neighbors, friends, and our nations, God will hear us.  Maybe Peter could have been killed like James but through prayers, he was rescued.

There is no problem or temptation that is bigger than our God.  Let us take all our problems to God in prayer and He will rescue us.  May God help us and give us strength to pray without ceasing.

God bless you.